Block Pallets


BLOCK PALLET PREP (Commonly referred to as the “Smart Saw”)

“SmartSaw” is multi-functional: designed for “repair” (1-Person) or “recycling” (2-Person) operations of “BLOCK STYLE” pallets

Standard 10 HP, 3-phase, electric motor with gear reduction drive

20’ standard “M42 bi-metal” band saw blade

Air actuated, 3-position, roller table and table extension easily positions block pallet for board removal

Machine provided with “advanced safety measures” in place, including, among others, interlock switches for perimeter guarding and cabinet doors, canopy guarding with front & back portions that move up & down with the roller table, hydraulic blade tensioning pressure safety switch, and “Monitoring Safety Relay”, or MSR, to alert users of safety malfunctions

Designed to QUICKLY(as a “1-person” operation) cut out damaged boards, including “bottom” deck boards, “top” lead & other deck boards, as well as “MIDDLE” & “OUTSIDE” connector boards

Also designed, as a “2-person” operation, to process the disassembly / tear-down of block pallets for “INCREASED BLOCK & LUMBER RECOVERY”. Includes a specially designed “Block Recovery Tool” (or BRT) that “salvages blocks” now being scrapped with other machines and processes

SmartSaw can be “easily integrated” into a full line block pallet repair system