About Smart Products
Smart Products, based in Muncie, Indiana, specializes in the manufacture and sale of equipment and machinery for wooden pallet repair, recycling and manufacturing. The company has developed two new machines for repairing block-style pallets – the Smart Products “Block Saw” and “Block Pallet Prep.”

Smart Products manufactures a number of other machines for pallet repair, recycling and manufacturing tasks. The company offers several models of Pallet Prep Smart Saws for Block pallets and GMA/Stringer pallets, Pallet Dismantlers, including one and two-person machines and a portable dismantler. It also can supply complete pallet dismantling systems – a dismantler that feeds reclaimed lumber directly to a chain-fed trim saw. Smart Products also manufactures single-end and double-end power feed trim saws, manual feed trim saws, and single-head and double-head notching machines.  Our machines allow you to quickly and efficiently manage your damaged and broken wooden pallets, with optimal lumber recovery.

Smart Products has more than 4,000 machines working in pallet repair, recycling and manufacturing operations in the U.S. and worldwide, including, among other locations, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  Contact us today to find out more about how our pallet recycling equipment can work for you.

Smart Products –  Your source for the most versatile wooden pallet recovery and repair equipment available.

“The Difference is Engineering.”

Where are we?

Smart Products
3401 N. Commerce Drive
Muncie, Indiana 47303
Toll Free: (800) 401-0099
Phone: (765)284-9545
Fax: (765) 284-7270

For service in Spanish call 317- 509-6802 Para servicio en Español – Llame al 317-509-6802

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